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12+ Years of Experience in Pyrolysis.

Pyrogreen Energy Private Limited started in the year 2011 is an SPV formed by SAMKITEC Resources for developing Plastic Pyrolysis Technology. This Technology to convert non-recyclable plastic waste to Fuel oil was developed after extensive research of 3 years by a group of scientist and Engineers. Mr. Sampath Subramaniam, Managing Director of Pyrogreen holds the patent for Pyrolysis Technology under Indian Patents_IP280292, since 2010. This state of art Technology has emerged after extensive R&D w.r.t to Environment friendly plastic pyrolysis process, emission controls, ash recovery, quality of oil, safety measurements, and healthy working atmosphere. We have designed the complete plant scientifically and have taken all precautions with respect to emissions and safety. This Technology will dispose / clean the non-recyclable plastics such as MLPs, all composite plastics, packaging materials, adhesive tapes, plastic carpets etc which otherwise goes to Landfill or being burnt unscientifically.



Pyrogreen can process all kind of plastic that are difficult to recycle and found in road sides, water bodies and dumpyards.


Extended Producer Responsibility is a concept where manufacturers, producer, brand owner, and importers of products should bear a significant degree of responsibility for the Environmental impacts of their products throughout the product life-cycle, including selection of raw material and design to produce the product and its packaging, efficient manufacturing process with minimum impact on Environment, and develop collection back mechanism for the post consumed products and get it recycle.

Ministry of Environment and Forest & Climate Change has given special emphasis on strengthen the Extended Producer Responsibility in all types of Waste Management Rules notified in 2016. This may help the nation to have efficient waste management system with shared responsibility of all stakeholders of society.

Extended producer responsibility, refers to the responsibility for management of the disposal of products by producers once those products are designated as no longer useful by consumers. Our main objective is to develop an effective and efficient system that takes care of collection, segregation and transportation of the material to the waste disposal facility which is approved by the MPCB and CPCB as a PRO Agency. These materials are also used in cement kilns, pyrolysis, for road construction and recycling centers, on the basis of its quality and price.

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We Provide Turnkey Continuous Pyrolysis Plants from 5 TPD to 50 TPD


Pyrogreen Energy Private limited is a special Purpose vehicle started by Samkigroup for promoting waste to energy / fuel projects. Samkigroup is a Professional Group with Top class Engineers and Posses vast experience in the field of Plastics Recycling, Municipal Waste management & Converting Waste into energy. Samkigroup always bring Novel and eco-friendly Technologies to this country Samkigroup has commissioned more than 15 projects for Plastics Recycling and Pyrolysis of Plastics and India as well as in Vietnam

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PYROLYSIS Technology

Pyrolysis Technology is to convert waste Plastics into oil by heating at high temperature in the absence of oxygen. Pyrolysis also enables recycling of plastic laminates, co-extrusions and multilayer packaging films, particularly those with aluminum foil layers or metallized polymers that are difficult to recycle using traditional reprocessing Technologies such as Mechanical recycling.